2.1 How to set home and blog pages?

After installing the theme & required plugins, Now we setup front/home page. For setup front/home page follow the steps as below:

First create a home page >
– Go to Pages> Add New
– Add Title (Add page title here for example : Home)
– Choose the “Front page” page template Under Template at bottom of sidebar.
– Now click on “Publish” to save your page.

Then create a blog page >
– Go to Pages> Add New
– Add Title (Example : Blog)
– Now click on “Publish” to save your page.

Set the Home and Blog page from Customizer
– Go to > Appearance > Customize
– Homepage Settings
– Then, under Your homepage displays, choose A static page.
– Next, click on the Homepage dropdown list and select the “Home” page you created as your static homepage:
– Next, on the Posts page dropdown, select the “Blog” page you created. (This is where your new blog posts will appear, should you choose to write posts for your site.)

Last, click on Publish for these changes to take effect.

Alternatively we can do same job on going Settings>Reading from WordPress admin 🙂

Now, when you go to your web address, you’ll see your new homepage rather than blog posts. Granted, you’re looking at either a blank page or some placeholder text, but still! You’ve built a website.